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Buzz Air Flight Academy​

Buzz Air Reviews

"I tell people all the time the best flight instruction I ever got was from you."
                       -James Bailey

"Thank you very much for helping out a fellow aviator in need!  Guys like you are what make general aviation a great community!"
                       -Ty Kerstiens

"Thank you for the transition training on the 750.  You did a great job teaching me how to fly the 750.  I really appreciate your effort and also thank you for the video that you sent me.  If you ever order 2XL jackets again let me know.  I very well may be interested.  Thank you again for everything."
                                                              -Joe Hanz

"I really appreciated the lessons I got from Buzz.  Tell him the Zodiac is flying!"
                                                       -Dan Dempsey

"Great Flight Instruction! Fun and Efficient"
                                 -Paul Sanders

"Had a good trip home, the sun came out at Louisville but then the smog and pollution started going into Detroit.  I was down to 5 miles visibility.  Thanks again, appreciate getting my flying done in the borderline weather.  Learned lots in a short time.  Have a good day."
                                                    -Stan Sheldrake

"By the way I've got 12 hours on my plane now, and it flys just like yours! I really appreciate the work.  It felt really good to take it on the first flight!"

"After completing your training last Thursday I returned to Idaho Sunday evening. Due to weather I had to wait to Tuesday (today) to make my first flight in my Cruzer. Eight take-off and successful landings so far! Thanks for the training. Without it I am certain that my flying experiences would not have had happy endings!"
                                                      -Ralph Powell