Buzz Air LLC - Flight Academy

Buzz Air LLC - Flight Academy (founded in 2008 in Carson City, Nevada, now located in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee) is a LIGHT SPORT FLIGHT SCHOOL specializing in Light Sport Airplane training that features a state-of-the-art American Made Zodiac 601 XLi manufactured in the USA. The Zodiac Special Light Sport Airplane (SLSA) is set up for light sport training as well as private pilot and instrument training.  We also have THE ONLY Zenith STOL CH 750 light sport utility plane in the country available for training. 

Buzz Air offers a variety of options for you to attain your dream of becoming a pilot as well as the best flying experience in the industry, just ask our students!

Buzzy Devoll  is the head flight instructor at the Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Airport (2M2). 

BUZZ AIR at Lawrenceburg provides you one of the best opportunities in flying, whether it is a scenic flight around the beautiful Tennessee countryside or learning to become an accomplished pilot.  Our Head Flight Instructor, Buzzy Devoll, loves to fly and his enthusiasm for flying is contagious.  

Flying BUZZ AIR you will have the privilege of flying over the beautiful Tennessee River and many rolling hills and countryside.  The weather here is awesome.  The flying possibilities are endless.  Another thing about flying in Lawrenceburg is that it's a small town with small town hospitality.  So come, enjoy, and learn to fly with BUZZ AIR.
  Buzz Air-Flight Academy
       4111 Airport Dr.
     Lawrenceburg, TN
      Ph. 931-244-7000
Zenith CH750  flying over beautiful Lake Tahoe